Sunday, 25 November 2012

WIP/UFO in progress - Christmas Kisses by Margaret Sherry

I can't believe that it is so long since I last posted!  Where does the time fly!  I still need to do more on my "Winter Wonderland".  More back stitching needing to be done!  But I have found an old WIP/UFO.  Its the Mouse and Robin by Margaret Sherry called "Christmas Kisses".  Another card I started and not finished.  I started on the blue back ground and found I should have used one thread and not two.  So I hope I have enough, or at least have some thread like it in my stash, so I can at least finish it off, as I'm not going to unpick the blue.  But here's a photo of it so far.

Christmas Kisses a Margaret Sherry Design.
This is what it shall look like when it's finished.

Hardanger Ornaments

Hardanger Heart by Manya at Humming Needles.

Manya at Humming Needles has been very busy.  You will find some lovely Hardanger Ornaments you might like to stitch for Christmas.  Best of all Manya has added some Tutorial instructions.  Just click here for Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2.

Here also are the links for the other ornaments. 

Christmas Bell Ornament Pattern - Hardanger

Christmas Heart Ornament Pattern - Hardanger

Christmas Snowflake Ornament Pattern - Hardanger

Christmas Ornament no.4 - Hardanger

Christmas Stocking Ornament - Hardanger

Do go and have a look.


Hopefully I will have more to show next time I post.  And Christmas is just around the corner!!

Until Next time, Happy Stitching Everyone


cucki said...

Aww such a sweet finish and very cute ornament..
Hugs cucki x

Nicola said...

Thank you for the links, the hardanger heart is so beautiful.

Valma said...

I love this little MS design
I planned to stitch it for a happy new year card too...
A very great start by your side =D
happy stitching

Astrid's dragon said...

That will be so cute! Love the hardanger, that's on my list of must try.

Anonymous said...


Your MS wip is very sweet.
Your Hardanger is beautiful.