Wednesday, 27 April 2011

An Easter Card

Here is the Easter Card I sent to my friend Mary Grace.  I was so rushed in getting it in the post I forgot to take a photo.  But all is well as she sent a photo back to me, so that I could share it with you.  It's a very simple Hardanger design (my own) which I have used before.  It's stitched with variegated thread to give soft tones and silver metallic thread for the filling stitches.

I've also been playing around with my photo's and here are a couple of collages I wanted to show you.

2011 Finishes

2010 Finishes

I'm stitching a Hardanger Card for my friends 50th Birthday in May at the moment.  I've almost finished it.  So I'm hoping to post a photo soon.  So watch this space.

Happy Stitching Everyone

Friday, 22 April 2011

Hoppy Easter and May Giveaways

Here is my latest finishes, which fits in with the Easter season.  The first is "Bunny with Easter Bonnet" from Quick and Easy Cross Stitch Magazine Issue 103.  I have changed the pattern slightly around the eyes, so that I did not need to use French knots.  I'm quite happy with the outcome.

And finally here's a picture of a juggling bunny from Cross Stitcher Magazine  Issue 237.  So, of course he is juggling Easter Eggs.  I've changed the colours of the eggs, so that I could use up some little left over scraps of thread.


Easter Giveaway

Lee is having an Easter Giveaway on Notes from under the Mountain.  Go and have a look at her blog.
All you have to do is be a follower and leave a message by 1 May 2011.


Sierra is having a Giveaway at Patchwork Stitches, as she has reached over 50 followers.
The draw will take place on Sunday 1 May 2011.

Birthday Giveaway
Michelle's Stitch Craft Place is having a Birthday Giveaway.
You have until Tuesday 3 May 2011 to enter.

Heather's Giveaway

Heather is having a giveaway, to reduce some of her stash.  
So do go and have a look at "Heather's Stitching Story".
The draw will take place on Thursday 5 May 2011.

4th Blogoversary Giveaway

Edgar is having a 4th Blogoversary Giveaway.  
Just  pop over to his bog at Blacksheep's Bit Of The Web.
The draw with take place on Sunday 8 May 2011.

Happy Stitching Everyone


As Easter is almost upon us, I was remembering back to 2008, when it was my god daughter's confirmation day, along with four other young people from our Church.  As it is harder to find the right cards in the shops nowadays, I knew I would have to stitch my own cards.  I had already found a lovely designed chart for my god daughter and for the others I designed my own Hardanger cards in different variegated threads.  And here is what they turned out like.

Happy Stitching Everyone

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dragons and Giveaways and Many More Giveaways have been added

I thought I would share with you some dragons that I have stitched for my friend Harriot some years ago.  The first one was a birthday card for Harriot and is a freebie from Dragon Dreams called "A Spot of Tea".

A Spot of Tea by Dragon Dreams.

Design is by Sue Cook

The second design is from "Sue Cook's Wonderful Cross Stitch Collection" book.  I was asked by my friend Harriot to stitch a card for her husbands 40th Birthday.  This is what I stitched.

- ooOoo -

Favourite Things Giveaway

Here is another giveaway from Reflections in the Pond who is having a "Favourite Things Giveaway".  
The draw will take place on Monday 18 April 2011.

Blogoversary Giveaway

I have just visited a great blog by called Cross Stitch and Cupcakes
who is having a great 3rd year anniversary and giveaway.
There are 5 giveaway prizes to be won.  
The draw will take place on Tuesday 19 April 2011.

Easter Give-Away

Mary Corbet is having a Silk and Gold Thread Kit giveaway.  The Giveaway closes on 23 April 2011 and will be drawn on Monday 25 April 2011.

Birthday Giveaway

Ruth is having a "Birthday Giveaway" on Ruth's Running Stitch.  There are some lovely goodies to be won.
The draw will take place on Easter Sunday 24 April 2011.

Small Giveaway

Pam at "Confessions of a Southern Stitcher" is having a small giveaway.  Do go and have a look and become a follower.  This will run until Tuesday 26 April 2011.

Blogoversary Giveaway

Angela is having a Blogoversary Giveaway at Hooked on Stitches.  Do go and have a look.
The draw will take place on Friday 29th April 2011.

Stash Grab Bag Giveaway

Loretta at Stitching the Night Away is having a "Stash Grab Bag Giveaway".  
You have until Friday 29 April 2011 to enter.

Birthday Giveaway

Cathrine at Bramblewood Stitches is having a Birthday Giveaway.
Draw will take place on the 30 April 2011.

Faithful Friends Giveaway

Parsley is having a Faithful Friends Giveaway on Seasons Of My Mind.
Draw will take place on 30 April 2011.

Birthday Giveaway

Michelle's Stitch Craft Place is having a Birthday Giveaway.
You have until Tuesday 3 May 2011 to enter.

Heather's Giveaway

Heather is having a giveaway, to reduce some of her stash.  
So do go and have a look at "Heather's Stitching Story".
The draw will take place on Thursday 5 May 2011.

Happy Stitching Everyone

Saturday, 9 April 2011


In aid of the Japanese tsunami disaster.

For all of you that that love Dragons, there is a new chart from Dragon Dreams.  
It's called "Compassion" and was designed for the Japan disaster of March 2011.  

Please make a donation of any kind to the Red Cross in your country to help the Japanese people rebuild.

Kathy at Gracewood Stitches has also a lovely design called "Sanctuary", which is also in aid of the Japanese relief.  You can download it directly from Needleprint.

Happy Stitching Everyone

Birthday Giveaway

Mary Corbet at Needle 'n Thread is having a Birthday Giveaway.  Find out more by clicking here.  
Draw will take place on Tuesday 12 April 2011.

You could win this embroidery kit and more.

Happy Stitching Everyone

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Owls Heart Hanger

Hello, and Welcome to all my new followers.
I've had another go at the heart filled with owls.  This time I've chosen my own colours, and I'm quite pleased with the outcome.  I have made it into a heart shaped hanger.  It's the first one I've done, so it's not perfect.

My own colour choice.



The next thing I will be stitching is the April Oakhaven Owl Sal.  I've also got my eye on a Blackwork Owl.  Owls keep on appearing this year.

Happy Stitching Everyone

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Owls and Giveaways

I have fallen in love with a little heart, filled with Owls.  I saw it on  Stephie's Stitching on 13 March.  I just had to stitch it.  And here is mine.

From Cross Stitch Crazy Issue 149.



It is all happening again.  More people are having giveaways.  Here is the first of many.

 Dawn from Golden Angels Works is celebrating 7 years of blogging.   It's a mystery prize at the moment.   The draw ends on the 11 April 2011.

Jacqueline from Needleprint is having a giveaway.  This give away is open to everybody.  
The winner will be announced next week on 11 April 2011.

Needleprint Giveaway Prize.

Nieves' Blog is having a 2nd Blog Birthday giveaway and ends on 28 April 2011

 Happy Stitching Everyone