Thursday, 27 September 2012

September is almost over!!

I've been neglecting my blog!!  Please forgive me!!

I have been stitching, and have finished a birthday card for my friend Janet.  It shows the two spies who went into the Promised Land and came back with a large bunch of grapes.

I've also been stitching another 'Popcorn' freebie, while I've been away.  It's always good to have something with you while you’re away on holiday.  In the evenings while my husband sits and watches TV, especially the football, I sit and stitch, if the lighting is good. 

I've been travelling about a bit.  In early September we visited Cardiff and travelled out to Llandaff.  We also visit Worcester Cathedral on the way back home.  I have also just got back from a lovely holiday in the Scottish boards.  This time we visited Edinburgh, Floors Castle, Kelso, Jedburgh, Melrose and Peebles. 

Barony Castle Hotel, Scotland.

Close up view of the mountains from the hotel.

View from the hotel.

Alpaca's in a field down the road from the hotel.

View of the Scottish countryside as we travelled back home.
I shall have to get back to my stitching.  Christmas is approaching fast!!

 Until Next time, Happy Stitching Everyone