Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Update on WIP and Pumpkins

I just had to update you on my progress of Fizzy Moon's "Winter Wonderland".  Just the snow and back stitching left to do!

Winter Wonderland


As it is Halloween, I just had to share with you some pumpkins I photographed sometime ago.  They all won prizes at a show in Southport in 2009.

1st Prize

2nd Prize

1st Prize

1st Prize

Until Next time, Happy Stitching Everyone

Monday, 22 October 2012

IHSW WIP on Fizzy Moon's "Winter Wonderland"

What a wonderful week-end I have had.  The International Hermit and Stitch Weekend has been great.  I think I've got my stitching bug back.  I've done quite a bit on Fizzy Moon's "Winter Wonderland".  There's mainly white and snow to do, and then the back stitching to finish it off.

Fizzy Moon's Winter Wonderland


On Saturday, I went for a long walk with my friends to the Rivelin Valley and took lots of photo's.   There are some lovely contrasts of colour and reflections in the water.  And here are some of them for you to look at. 

Female Mallard Duck
Mallard Ducks on the pond with Autumn reflections.

Until Next time, Happy Stitching Everyone


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Stash and updates.

Well, it's some while since I posted.  So, I thought I would update you with what I have been up to and the stash that I have bought during the year that I have not shown you before.  I found some bargains with the Margaret Sherry Anchor kits, which were greatly reduced.  I can't resist a bargain.  The Puffins and Highland Cattle bookmark I purchased on holiday in Scotland.

Next, are some of my UFOs.  I've started a new one!  I'm always starting, but have difficulty in finishing.  It's a Christmas card for my daughter.  A Fizzy Moon design called "Winter Wonderland", from the WOCS Calendar last year.  I hope I have started it early enough and that it will be finished in time.  It's quite big being 78 high and 97 wide.  I think I have a card that it will fit into, well I hope I have!

I've started in the middle, so you can just see the paws. 

A little more progress on Popcorn.

Just a little progress on Owl.


Here are some photo's of a lovely surprise we saw in our garden on Sunday morning.  Sunday was a hot sunny morning and a fox came to sunbath on our bank in the garden.  As soon as we saw him, the camera came out and we both took lots of photos.  What was a surprise was a neighbours cat came along and frightened the fox away.  But when the cat had gone, the fox came back.

 Until Next time, Happy Stitching Everyone