Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May is almost over! Here is an update.

Hi Everyone

It's some time since I last updated you, but I want to try at least to show one post every month.

I've been trying something different and wanted to share it with you.  I have been on a course to make an Appliqué Butterfly Cushion using machine appliqué and machine quilting.  I have not done this before, but wanted to have a go.  There was a group of us who were interested, so we booked a day with Victoria Nowell at Summer House Quilts.  I really enjoyed the day and recommend going.

Here is the end result.  It's not perfect, but was a good first try.

This is what Victoria has already made and what it should look like, along with some of her butterfly quilts.

The machine quilting is known as stippling.  This was done using a hoop to help you guide the stitches in a random stippling design (usually not crossing over each other).  I was a bit chaotic in my random stitches, but you don't notice it from a distance when you look at the cushion.

A good pattern would be to use something like the above.  Next time I shall try something like this.

I first met Victoria at a Craft Evening that I go to.  We met in early April and Victoria showed us some of the amazing quilts she stitches.   All quilts are hand sewn and used a mixture of hand and machine stitching.  Here is Victoria with some of the quilts she showed us.

She then showed us how to do some Trapunto Quilting.  This is all done by hand and something I had never done before.  Here is my first attempt and not yet finished.  (I need to make smaller and neater stitches in my next attempt.)  I found it very soothing to do and look forward to doing some more.

Dog Rose Design.

If you are interested in Trapunto Quilting here are some links that I have found:-

Until next time.

Take Care and Happy Stitching Everyone