Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Yippy! I've Finished, as last!!

I've put the last stitches into "Winter Wonderland", the Fizzy Moon design, today.  I will be able to give it to my daughter tomorrow, when she comes round.  I'm sure she will be pleased.  Here are the finished results for you to see.

Fizzy Moon - Winter Wonderland

Close up

Close up


Passione Ricamo has designed a wonderful "Little Angel" in remembrance of the children who died at school  in America.
From Laura at Passione Ricamo


Here are some more freebies links for Christmas Designs, I thought you would like.

Here is the link - Plum Pudding Needle Art
Here's a link to the complimentary Charts at Blue Ribbon Designs.
Here's a link to the Complimentary Charts at Blue Ribbon Designs.

Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year.

Until Next time, Happy Stitching Everyone.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Well, I'm way behind on most things.  Especially my stitching.  I have posted my Christmas Cards and bought some Christmas presents.  Here are some progress pictures of my WIPs/UFOs.  First 'Fizzy Moon' - "Winter Wonderland".  I was going to post last Wednesday, but it didn't work out.  But here's what I had done.  The second picture shows where I'm up too, or though there is still lots more to do!!

5 December 2012
12 December 2012
 I've also done a little more on "Christmas Kisses".  Still lots more to do.

Christmas Kisses by Margaret Sherry.

Christmas Kisses by Margaret Sherry.


I do have some good news.  I won a  Giveaway at Tiff Stitches.    An 'Ice Queen' chart by Lizzie Kate along with some 'Strawberry Fields' Floss/Thread by 'Weeks Dye Works'.  It was a wonderful surprise.  I'm looking forward to stitching it.  Thank you so much Tiffany.

Ice Queen by Lizzie Kate.

There are some lovely freebies out on the net and I would like to share some of them with you.

JOY by Stitcheree!
Merry & Bright by Stitcheree!

It Snowed Last Night by Stitcheree!

Winter Sampler by Cosmic Handmade - just scroll down.

Time is flying and I must go.  Remember - Christmas is just around the corner!!

Until Next time, Happy Stitching Everyone