Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Been Busy Stitching

Hi Everyone

You must have been wondering what has happened to me.  Well, I've have been busy stitching.  So I have some finishes to show you and some of my Christmas Cards that I have finally finished.

These are just some of the Birthday, Silver Wedding and Special Birthday cards that I have stitched.  And here's a closer look at them.

It was also my grandsons 1st birthday last week, and here is what I had stitched for him.

And finally framed the birth sampler I did for him.


Now I have lots of Christmas Cards that I have stitch over the year to show you.

We Three Kings - Lesley Teare design?  From Quick and Easy Magazine.

Nativity.  Bride's Tree Series.  An Aury TM Design.

Holy Night - Angel.  A Shirley Watts Design.
A Lesley Teare Design.  Deer Free Chart.
A Lesley Teare Design.  Owl Free chart.
A Lesley Teare Design.  Stag.
A Lesley Teare Design.  Horse.
A Lesley Teare Design. Squirrel.
A Lesley Teare Design. Stag.
A Lesley Teare Design. Horse.
Away in a Manger.  A Lesley Teare Design. 
Away in a Manger - close up.  A Lesley Teare Design. 
A Mouseloft design.
A Mouseloft design.
A Mouseloft Design. 
A Mouseloft Design.
A Permin Design.
A Permin Design.
A Permin Design.
Shepherd Boy.  A Shirley Watts Design.
From the book "Christmas Cross Stitch" by Claire Crompton.

A Mouseloft Design.

A Mouseloft Design.
A Lucie Heaton Design.

Hopefully, I will not be as long in posting. 

Until next time.

Take Care and Happy Stitching Everyone.




That is a lot of stitching. I really love your cards and the one for Henry is a special one. Sunny Greetings from New Orleans.

Mary Joan said...

Thank you Alice for your kind comments, they are much appreciated.

I had stitched some of the cards earlier in the year, but have only just put them into cards. Fortunately, I have a large stash of cards.

Thanks again. Happy Stitching.

Pull the other thread said...

Splendid stitching. All your cards look amazing. The birth sampler is really cute!

Mary Joan said...

Thank you for your kind comments. So glad you liked the birth sampler.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

What a great selection of cards. It must be satisfying to be well prepared.

JudyC said...

Lots of stitching and beautiful cards! Love them all especially the Hardanger one with colour thread. Lovely!

Mary Joan said...

Thank you Mary and Judy for your kind comments.

I try to be prepared in time for Christmas, but it does not always work. I once was stitching on Christmas Eve, trying to finish a card for my husband. He did get it on Christmas Day!

Glad you like the Hardanger Cards. I especially like the mixed coloured threads. I will have some more to show soon.

Thanks again and Happy Stitching.

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