Saturday, 30 July 2016

Update and Hardanger.

Hi Everyone

I thought I would show you what I have been up too.

It was my friends birthday last week and I wanted to give here a special card.  I did not have must time to stitch it, so I thought I would do a simple Hardanger card for her.  It only took a few hours and I so enjoyed it I stitched some more cards.

Theses are all Mary Hickmott designs from 'Christmas Colour with Hardanger Stitches' leaflet.  Of course I've changed the colours to suit the occasion, but its a very handy leaflet to have for all year round.

Here is one of the Hardanger Wedding Cards that I have stitched and made into a card.

The larger Wedding Card is almost complete, and the Wedding is next week-end.  I've re-done, yet again (6th time) the Edelweiss motif and I'm finally happy with it.  I also noticed that I had missed some stitching out and one of the smaller hearts was too big, so I sorted that out also.  I finally added small pearl beads in the centre of each motif and around the heart.

Heart-felt Sentiments from an old 'Classic Stitches' magazine.
A Thea Dueck of 'The Victoria Sampler' design.

Now, how shall I decorate the card?  I was thinking of putting some white lace down the sides!  I don't want to over do it.  I will post a picture when it is finally finished.

You can find a 'Heirloom Wedding Sampler Free Pattern' from "The Victoria Sampler" here.  It shows  just one of the motifs (a different filling stitch is used).

Until next time.

Take Care and Happy Stitching Everyone.


Kerryp77 said...

Very pretty cards

Mary Joan said...

Thank you, so glad you liked them.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely cards.

Mary Joan said...

Thank you Mary. I'm so glad you liked them.

Annie said...

Those are gorgeous! I don't do Hardangar.. I seem to get bored with any geometric designs, but I do love your finishes!

Terri said...

Beautiful hardanger!!!!!!! I love the heart with the larger filling stitched areas!!

Mary Joan said...

Thank you so much Annie and Terri.

I have updated my blog with the name of the designer and a free pattern from The Victoria Sampler. Just in case someone want's to have ago.

Kaisievic said...

So very pretty, Mary Joan.

JudyC said...

Beautiful cards! Thank you for the link!

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