Thursday, 21 January 2016

Update on my 2015 and 2016 stitching.

Hi Everyone

It was February last year when I last showed you my stitching.  So I thought I would show you how I have progressed on some of the items I last showed you.

Yes, I have a finish.  The two Dutch children is now done.  It was a freebie from 'Borduurblad', and can be found here.  I'm now thinking of making it into a small pillow.

I have progressed with the 'Delft Blue Tiles', but not as far as I would have liked.  There are still lots more to do.  A link to the 2012 SAL can be found here.

Hetti has a new SAL called Merkwaardip Merklap / Sampler and can be found here.  I just love old samplers and wish I could stitch more, and I also love the designs that Hetti has on her blog.

Other items that I have stitched during the year

Loved this design of "See no Evil, Speak no Evil and Hear no Evil.  This was a freebie from
J Rosa Creation, but I cannot find it on her blog anymore.

This is a Textile Heritage 'Celtic Bird Needle Case' Kit.  Just need to finish it off and make it up into the Needle Case.

Close up of the Celtic Bird.

Here is another Textile Heritage Kit.  This time its a Lavender Sachet.  I just need to finish off the backstitching before making up.

Some Finishes for 2015

This is the birthday card I stitched for my friend Janet.  She loves mermaids.  This is a freebie from "The Little Stitcher"  and its called 'The Guardians of the Sea'.

Here is the Golden Wedding Anniversary Card that I stitched for my brother and his wife.

Here is a close up of the Hardanger work.  I have a basic heart pattern that I often use, but used different filling stitches in the centre each time I use it.  As it was for a Golden Wedding, I used gold metallic threads and beads that were in my stash.

Here is a Ruby Wedding Anniversary card for my friend Joyce.  I did not have very much time to do this one, but managed to quickly stitch this in time.

This is the Christmas card I stitched for Mary Grace in Malta.  This is from a cross stitch chart by 'Designing Women Unlimited', called "Angel Orchesta".   I changed the colours of the dress and added my own beads that I had in my stash.

Here is the Christmas card I stitched for my daughter and her family.  The chart can be found here.  The family love monkeys.  I was not sure how to decorate the card, but I found these light bulbs to decorate it from my stash.

Christmas Designs

Next are some Christmas designs that I have stitch.  Some will be made into Christmas tree decorations and others into Christmas Cards.

These three designs came from 'Cross Stitch Card Shop' issue 45.  They are designed by Lesley Teare.

Here are two more Lesley Teare designs and are freebies on her blog.

Angel with candle, from a Framecraft design.

This is a Aury TM design.  A Quaker Nativity.

Another Nativity design found in my stash.  I think I shall redo the star and do it in gold metallic thread.

2016 Finishes

This is a Permin design of Santa walking down the stairs.

Another Permin design of a snowman and elf.

Finally, I've managed to show you all the things that I have done.

Until next time.

Take Care and Happy Stitching Everyone


cucki said...

All your finishes are so beautiful x

twinpeakprimitives said...

It is such an inspirational parade ofbeauties ♥
Very well done - you indeed made such great works ♥♥♥

Kerryp77 said...

Lovely stitching. I like the nativity silhouette.

Annie said...

You certainly are a productive stitcher! Lots of pretties there.

Hetti's designs are so nice. Love here new SAL. Wish I had time and energy for every SAL I see!

Mary Joan said...

Thank You for All your kind comments. I shall have to complete the half finished ones, so that I can show you some more. I'm hoping to be a bit more productive and get things finished and of course keeping my blog more up to date.

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Lots of lovely stitching to look at.I love the monkey with the pretty tree lights to decorate the card:)

Blu said...

So many lovely finishes!

Lainey said...

What a lovely collection of finishes! Look forward to more updates.

JRosa_SZG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JRosa_SZG said...

Your works are amazing:-D Here is the chart of the three monkeys :

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