Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Almost finished! And some freebie designs on the web!

Hi Everyone

I don't want you to wait too long, so I thought I would show you how far I've managed to stitch "Popcorn".  He's almost done!


I also wanted to share with you some freebies that I have found from Coats Bulgaria and other Coats web sights.  If you like Tatty Ted you will like this one.  I have stitched it some years back for the daughter's birthday.  Here's a picture of my stitching and here's the link.  Here's the pdf link.  You will notice that I stitched mine in purples, but the original was stitched in pink.

Tatty Ted with Hearts Jumper.

Here's another one I have stitched for my daughter some time ago.  Here's the link to the rar file.

Also there is another Tatty Ted with a balloon.  Here's the link and here the pdf link.

Tatty Ted with the picnic basket.  Here's the link and the pdf file.

And lastly here's one for Newton's Law called "Love You" - pdf link.

I hope you like them - enjoy.

 Until Next time, Happy Stitching Everyone


McKenna C. said...

They're adorable! I LOVE teddy bears!! :D


Heather said...

Love Tatty Teddy and Popcorn :-)

Lekshmy said...

These are very cute...Thank you for sharing..

Valma said...

Adorable teddy bears you made
Tatty Ted is great in purple, matches perfectly with the card
great job
and thanks for the links =)
big hugs

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous finishes and thank you for the links.
Those Tatty Teddies are so sweet.

Anonymous said...


Just found your lovely blog and become a follower.
Your Popcorn is just adorable.
I love Tatty Teddy and Newton too.
Thank you for the links,what a treat!