Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Finish, A Freebie and Bobbins

Hi Everyone

It's some time since I've had a finish.  But "Popcorn" is ready and posted off today.  Here are some photo's of him.  I can't believe that it's taken me 3 months to stitch!!

Close up of Popcorn.

Finished Card of Popcorn.


I have began a new start on a freebie from DMC.  It's of Ollie Owl from the "Woodland Folk" and you can download the free chart from here.  Here's how it's progressing.

Free Ollie Owl from DMC.



I've noticed a few blogs regarding bobbins, that I wanted to share with you.   The first is by "Wild Olive".
These Wound-Up Thread/Floss Bobbins are all set for you to print out on card stock and wind up your own embroidery thread/floss on. The PDF has 20 bobbins, each with a different colour thread/floss on it...but of course, you can use them for all your lovely colours!

The next one is by Las Telitas de Mariisa, who gives a tutorial on how to make and cover bobbins with  material.   They also look great with ribbon or lace wound around them!

And lastly, I found some lovely pretty designs for you.  You will have to scroll down to find lots of different designs.  Aurorebbb.canalblog.  Or you can try the archive list here.

 Until Next time, Happy Stitching Everyone


cucki said...

Hello dear I love your finish so much..beautiful stitching ...
Thank you for sharing the freebie it is so sweet ..
Hugs xxx

Valma said...

Popcorn is very sweet
The backstitch for the 'fur' is very well done
It's a very cute card
Woodland folks are very cute too, can't wait to see Ollie Owl stitched by you =)
Have to stitch the squirrel a day
you remind me I have to put him on my to do list =)
thanks for sharing the ideas for the bobbins
happy stitching

Stitching Noni said...

How lovely! Popcorn is so sweet. Great finish :0)