Wednesday, 6 July 2011

WIP Update

Thank you everyone for your kind comments on my Hardanger, and to all those who have asked about the threads I use.  So, I have taken a photo of the Anchor Multicolour threads so that you can see what they are like.

 Multicoloured threads by Anchor

Anchor Pearl Cotton Multicolour

 Anchor Stranded cotton Multicolour

I'm finding it harder and harder to buy these threads in a shop in the UK.  Most don't do Pearl Cotton, and those that stock Anchor stop before the multicolour threads.  The last time I bought some was in Belgium about 3 years ago, which had a wonderful supply of everything and in sizes I have never seen before.  The only way left open to get supplies is internet shopping.


I've started something new by Abi Gurden called "Little Lace Learning Hardanger SAL".  I know what you are thinking.  Why a Learning Hardanger SAL?  Well first of all, I liked the pattern and secondly, it has cable stitch in it and I've not done it properly before.  I joined "The Stitch Specialists" Yahoo Group in May and started the Tree of Stitches.  I could not also resist starting the Hardanger.  The instructions by Abi are just so good and easy to follow.  I've completed the cable stitch and I've happy with how it looks.  There is also a motif between the cable, which I am not happy with.  Mostly because the multicoloured threads look most unevenly spaced.  So I thought I would unpick it and choose another thread to complement the rest, something like a soft green.  I will have a look at my stash to find something. 

Top piece with Satin, Cable and Eyelet Stitch, plus 2 motifs.

Here is what I have done so far.

Half way through.

All I need to do now is duplicate it again, for the bottom half.  Cut the bits away on the Kloster blocks and then do the needle weaving.  Once you get the hang of it, it makes up quite quickly.

Mosel Holiday in Germany

Many of you have asked about my holiday and if I had any pictures.  Well, I always have my camera with me and I did take a lot of pictures.  Unfortunately, we had a lot of rain and there was a cold wind at times.  
But I did get some pictures of blue sky and we did see the sun.  We visited a castle and many churches and cathedrals along the way, and we also took a trip down the Mosel river by boat.




But we did have lots of lovely food and wine and saw beautiful fruits and flowers.
By the way did you spot the Japanese Tourists?

Until next time, Happy Stitching Everyone.


mdgtjulie said...

Some lovely snaps there. I buy most of my specialty threads through the internet. I only buy DMC at my local stores, and rarely variegates. I did buy some recently for a little gift for my friend Rosa, but I have to pick fabby for it before I can start! And I have to laugh out loud at my word verification for this post. It's undead, lol.

Lee said...

Love the picture collages you did of the places you visited and greatto be able to click onthem and see a lrger copy. Thanks for sharing.

cucki said...

hi, really very lovely snaps..i love them so much.the threads are so lovely.i love the yummy color.
keep well dear and happy stitching xx

Kate said...

Great colour on your hardanger piece.

Thoeria said...

Thanks for sharing the Germany pics Mary Joan! My hubby was out there about a month ago and loved it! I think that if it wasn't for the language problems we'd have he would gladly pack up and go work there :-)

I am as always loving your hardanger work. The thread choice is really beautiful. I've never really looked at anchor threads before but seeing your work is changing my mind!