Wednesday, 25 June 2014

I'm back! And some stitching to show.

It's some time since I last posted anything.  I have no excuses to give.  But I would like to share with you all what I have stitched.

First of all, it was a special birthday for my daughter, so I stitched her one of the freebie Hardanger designs from Nordic Needle, called Hardanger with Crystals #4 (just scroll down to find it).  I found her favourite colour in my collection of threads and used beads instead of crystals.  I also decided to put a different filling stitch in the middle of of Kloster blocks.  (I do like to changing things sometimes.)  After looking through my stash I finally found a card to put it in.

You might see the detail better in this photo.

And finally here is the baby card I stitched for my hairdresser.  Its a Sam Hawkins design.  I just used up some of my odd threads, and I'm pleased how it turned out.  As you can see, she had a little girl.


There are some great freebies to be found on the webb.  Here are a few that I have found.

Passione Ricamo.

Brookes Books Publishing has started a new series of Advent Animals, and the charts can be found here (just scroll down the page).  Please note that I have not stitched these designs yet.

I just love Christmas designs.

Well, thats all for now.

Happy Stitching Everyone.


purple24 said...

Absolutely Beautiful! I'm yet to try hardanger. I'm afraid it might be hard or I'll destroy something from the start. Some day I will try though.

Mary Joan said...

Thanks for your kind comment. It really is not that hard! Once you have grasped the basic steps you will want to learn more.

Mary Hickmott from New Stitches Magazine has some very good starter booklets. Also Jane Greenoff has an e-book called Hardanger for the Horrified.

It's always good to try something new, and you would have wished to had done it sooner. So do have ago.

Blu said...

Your Hardanger piece is gorgeous! I love the purple and the stitching is very beautiful.

Thoeria said...

Oh that is just beautiful Mary Joan!

Rhona said...

Beautiful stitching! I especially love the hardanger design...I wish I was brave enough to try it! Thanks for the links to the freebie designs.

purple24 said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I'll look into those and soon try my first attempt. Have a wonderful day!