Saturday, 26 October 2013


October is nearly over, so it's about time I posted something.

My daughter needed an urgent card from my stock of stitched cards and she chose one of my Hardanger Cards for a 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Fortunately I had some stickers I could apply, to make it a bit more special.

I'm still stitching some more Christmas tree decorations by The Prairie Schooler, but not ready to show yet.


Part 2 of "Positive Thinking" is ready to download and can be found in several languages.


Plum Street Samplers is also having a Sunday Mystery SAL.  It started at the end of September, but you could still stitch it.  Here are all the links so far:-

Details can be found here, and here.
Mary's Sampler Part 1.
Mary's Sampler Part 2.
Mary's Sampler Part 3.
Mary's Sampler Part 4.

Here's what it looks like so far.   (Please note that this is from Plum Street Samplers and not mine.)

Well, that's all for now, so until Next time, Happy Stitching Everyone.


Vickie said...

That is a beautiful card that you had ready for your daughter. I am stitching Mary's Sampler too.

cucki said...

Beautiful card..I love it..
Sweet sal..I love it
Hugs x

Mii Stitch said...

Great card!!

Vicky L said...

Beautiful card and stitching!

Valma said...

what a beautiful card you made
you hardanger is always so beautiful
very well done =)

Miss LindaLee said...

Well Hello Mary Joan. I'm your latest follower I believe and I'm so glad I stopped in. What a great blog you have, and so many beautiful hand made pieces. I'll be back to visit again for sure.
LindaLee from
CrossN' My Stitches