Wednesday, 3 April 2013

At Long Last, I'm Back!!

It's been some time since I last posted.  But I do have some pictures to show you of what I have been up too.

But first, I want to share with you an Easter Card I received from my dear friend in Malta, Mary Grace.

For Easter we received a lovely cake from our daughter.  Which was really delicious.

And yes, we still have snow, but not as much as the other week.  Fortunately, it is melting and almost gone.

23 March 2013

29 March 2013

And I'm sure you are eager to see the "Wedding Card" and "Brides Token" that I have stitch for my daughter.

"Wedding Card"

Close up of "Wedding Card"

"Brides Token"
I've never made a Brides Token before, and I found it quite difficult to put it all together.  I'm quite pleased with the overall effect of it with the large pearl beads around the edge.  I just hope she will like it.  It will make a nice keepsake as a reminder of her Wedding Day.  I have stitched there names and the date of the wedding on the back together with an "Edelweiss", this time done the right way - see below.


Until Next time, Happy Stitching Everyone.


Parsley said...

Lovely stitching. I don't think I could do the speciality stitching without a tutor!

Hope you warm up soon.

cucki said...

Sweet stitching xxx

Anne said...

A very beautiful stitching!! :)

Valma said...

Wow, you're back with real beauties =)
The 2 pieces for your daughters are so beautiful
She will be very happy for sure
very well done

and the cake is amazing =)

Jentwyn said...

Beautiful. Very nicely done.!

Anne Sans Tete -- Nome de plume! said...

Beautiful work!

I've just got an itch to do hardanger this week.

- Lisa

Shebafudge said...

The card and brides token are both absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!! xx

Claire said...

Great photos.x

Deb said...

LOVE the photographer kitty! Brides card and token are absolutely gorgeous! Lucky daughter and congratulations!

Heather said...

Lovely stitching and fantastic o see you back :-) xxxx