Monday, 22 October 2012

IHSW WIP on Fizzy Moon's "Winter Wonderland"

What a wonderful week-end I have had.  The International Hermit and Stitch Weekend has been great.  I think I've got my stitching bug back.  I've done quite a bit on Fizzy Moon's "Winter Wonderland".  There's mainly white and snow to do, and then the back stitching to finish it off.

Fizzy Moon's Winter Wonderland


On Saturday, I went for a long walk with my friends to the Rivelin Valley and took lots of photo's.   There are some lovely contrasts of colour and reflections in the water.  And here are some of them for you to look at. 

Female Mallard Duck
Mallard Ducks on the pond with Autumn reflections.

Until Next time, Happy Stitching Everyone



cucki said...

aww great progress...
beautiful picture of the walk..
hugs cukci xxx

Nicola said...

Great photos and what a poser Mr Mallard is.

Anne said...

Great work on Fuzzy Moon, and what a pretty area to see! :)

Dinny Ristinia said...

Lovely stitching!
Looking forward to see the finished one!
Autumn pictures always fascinate me since we don't have autumn here in our country... :)

Valma said...

so great pictures
Autumn as I love it ! Unfortunately here it's rainy and rainy and rainy :(
you did a great progress with Fizzy Moon
He is so cute
It will be lovely piece
Happy stitching

Tracey Walker said...

Fizzy is looking great and the photos are brill too

Michelle said...

Great stitching and lovely pics - thanks for sharing!

Marcy said...

What pretty autumn pics -- thanks for sharing. Your little bears are looking cute.

purple24 said...

Beautiful stitching!

Love the autumn photos. Beautiful!