Monday, 23 April 2012

IHSW Finishes

What a great week-end of stitching I've had.  I've have two finishes.  
First is a 50th Birthday Card for my friend Mel.  So I stitched her a Hardanger Card.  I got out my "Flowers with Hardanger" by Mary Hickmott, and chose to do a variation on one of her designs, using one of the motifs from a cushion.  In the Hardanger corners I did spider's web filling and diagonal dove's eye filling for the rest.  I used my own colours from my stash.  After making up the card I used some old lace and yellow ribbon to decorate the card.  I'm quite pleased with the finish.  I hope she likes it!

Hardanger Birthday Card.

Here's a close-up.

My next finish was "Toby Fox" from Cross Stitch Card Shop.  He was a free kit from the magazine.  He's one of the "Woodland Folk" by DMC.  As usual I forgot to read the instructions.  I should have used 1 strand of thread/floss, but I automatically used 2.  I did run out of thread/floss, but I had plenty of my own, so was able to finish him.

Woodland Folk - Toby Fox.

Until Next time, Happy Stitching Everyone


Vickie said...

What a nice card. SQUEE! That little fox! :)

Thoeria said...

Beautiful hardanger card Mary Joan :) And looking at your Toby reminds me that I started him a few months back and never finished him! And come to think of it I think I did the same thing - used 2 strands!

Valma said...

what a lovely card ! sure your friend will love it !
one day, I'll try hardhanger :)
it gives such a beautiful finish, and with these ribbons....lovely =D
Great job with Toby fox who is adorable !!
happy stitching
big hugs from France

lanybleu said...

your Hardanger card is gorgeous, your friend will be so very pleased. Mr foxy loxy is cute too.

♥ Nia said...

ohhh that little fox is the cutest!!! =)

Bea said...

The card is lovely - your friend will love it. And the fox is a real cutie.

Joysze said...

They're beautiful, Mary Joan. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Joan

Your Hardanger card is beautiful and the little fox is so sweet.
Happy stitching!Uniywo

mdgtjulie said...

He's too cute, Mary Joan. And I like your hardanger card too. Grats on both finishes!!