Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Two Birthdays

I just wanted to share with you the two cards I sent to 2 stitching friends who's birthdays are on the same day, 1 November.

Birthday Care for Mary Grace

Birthday Card for Lee

I'm just happy to say they both received them on time.

Next year I have some big Birthdays coming up.  I have 4, 50th and 1, 70th Birthday Cards to stitch for.  I just hope I have them all prepared in time.  I think I will be sending some Hardanger Cards for the girls and something special for my brother, not sure what yet, men are so hard to find the right design for.

Now I will have to catch up on my Christmas Cards that need stitching as it's only 1 month, 3 weeks and 3 days till Christmas!!!

Oh, and here I have captured a picture of one of our grey squirrels that comes into our garden.  They just can't resist the bird food.

Grey Squirrel

Happy Stitching Everyone


Thoeria said...

Lovely cards MaryJoan! Your friends will no doubt love them!
Very cute squirrel :-)

Lee said...

Mary Joan I think you were very clever not just in having stitched a lovely card for me but to send it so many many miles from one side of the world to the other and have it arrive 9am on the correct day. Well done and thanks its lovely

cucki said...

beautiful cards maryjoan..
and cute her so much.
hugs for you xxx

Lesley said...

beautiful cards,you always choose fantastic colours, and a lovely photo of your visitor:)