Saturday, 9 April 2011


In aid of the Japanese tsunami disaster.

For all of you that that love Dragons, there is a new chart from Dragon Dreams.  
It's called "Compassion" and was designed for the Japan disaster of March 2011.  

Please make a donation of any kind to the Red Cross in your country to help the Japanese people rebuild.

Kathy at Gracewood Stitches has also a lovely design called "Sanctuary", which is also in aid of the Japanese relief.  You can download it directly from Needleprint.

Happy Stitching Everyone


Astrid's dragon said...

Oh, I love the dragon, so precious. I will have to make this one and of course, donate to the Red Cross. Thanks for sharing, I may have to add this to my blog on my next post!

Lee said...

Thank you for sharing, am a dragon person, family say its not just embroidery!!!!