Saturday, 26 March 2011

Cross Stitcher Magazine

I seem to have been dashing around this week, meeting up with friends and family, so not much stitching done.  But I did have a letter published in Cross Stitcher Magazine Issue 238.  I sent them a picture of my "Kiss Me" Valentine Card by Margaret Sherry.  They cropped the picture to show the mice only, and also reversed the picture, so that the heart shaped balloon was on the left and the rose on the right.

Here is what my letter says in the magazine:-

Valentine smooches
When I received my copy of issue 236 I completely fell in love with Margaret Sherry's kissing mice (above) and dropped everything I was doing, so that I could find some fabric and threads to start stitching it straight away!  I've just finished it this morning and had to take a photo to share with you.  This will make such a great Valentine's card for my husband - he's going to love it.

And yes, he did love it.


This is not the first time that I have had a letter published in Cross Stitcher Magazine.  Last year I stitched Dr Who's David Tennent from the "Stitch A Star" part of the magazine and this was also printed in the magazine.

David Tennent as Dr Who

Happy Stitching Everyone


Wendy Y. said...

Nice to see someone who is also a Dr. Who fan. David Tennent is my favorite Doctor so far but the new one, Matt Smith is starting to win me over.

Congrats on being publish in the magazines and the great finishes.

Lee said...

may I add my congrats at being published yet again I remember an even earlier time you did not memtion... wessex.

Mary Joan said...

Thank you Lee. I shall have to have a post on Wessex Stitchery. I will have to get my act together and share something, sometime soon.

Teresa said...

Thank you for posting about my give away. Here in the states we get your magazines much later. Yesterday I just purchased issue 237. Can't wait for next month to see your stitching published.
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